Microsoft Office 365 is a series of subscription-based services sold by Microsoft as a part of their Microsoft Office suite. These services include Microsoft Office Online, Microsoft Office 365 Pro, Microsoft Office 365 Personal, Microsoft Office suites such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In the earlier versions of these products, there was no IT support available from Microsoft but with the new versions, IT professionals find this support very useful in upgrading the software programs. The IT experts at Microsoft provide all assistance and advice required to handle problems and solve problems. This has made the company a household name for most of its customers and has helped them to keep their businesses running smoothly even when there are problems with the software programs developed by Microsoft.

Microsoft Office Professional Plus is one of the Microsoft Office products that includes Exchange ActiveSync and Microsoft SharePoint as integral parts. This program comes with four exabytes of memory, four computers per user, and four devices per network. It also has a maximum of eight user profiles and is for professional plus users.

SharePoint is Microsoft’s platform that is used in the Small Business and Home Premium. This is one of the earliest and most popular SharePoint applications developed and released by Microsoft. It was previously known as Server 2021 and has since then been modified and upgraded to be compatible with the latest Microsoft SharePoint services. This version is free of charge, has been made to work on any Windows server and comes with a standard Microsoft license.

Microsoft SharePoint 2021 is a web-based collaboration and document management platform that integrate with Microsoft Office 365. This version is free of charge, comes with a standard Microsoft license, and allows users to work on a central shared document repository that stores documents. There is also a version that is activated by a small business and comes with a small business activation license and can be used on up to five computers per organization and allows users to work on a single Active Directory site.

Microsoft SharePoint also includes several additional components like the Business Portal that allows users to connect to existing SharePoint sites and perform tasks like viewing documents and managing various groups within them. The Portal also includes an e-mail client for sending text and email messages, business tips, and other resources and information. There is also the SharePoint Mobile app, which allows users to access a mobile version of SharePoint from their smartphones or tablets. It also offers access to a number of social networking and business applications, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Microsoft Office 365 is part of the Microsoft Office family of products

and has evolved over time to incorporate many of the features that were available in previous versions. One of the biggest changes in the product is the introduction of the new cloud-based storage service, which allows users to store data on servers and access it from any place at any time. This is done without requiring users to upgrade their installations of Microsoft Office. These services are mostly offered by third-party companies and are part of the group of solutions provided through Microsoft 365 subscriptions.

Microsoft SharePoint is designed to improve productivity for businesses through the use of web applications and web based document management. Microsoft SharePoint can be used in conjunction with other Microsoft Office programs through the use of the Active Directory integrated with SharePoint. This makes it easier for people in the company to collaborate on projects and file work. One of the features of SharePoint is the availability of third-party application called eConnect, which allows users to connect to their SharePoint online store and access the files they have access to online. eConnect can also be used as a part of Microsoft 365 subscriptions that require an active login with an eConnect account. eConnect is part of Microsoft SharePoint Services and can be accessed just as any other SharePoint program.

Microsoft Office 365 consists of four types of subscriptions:

  • Professional, Home, Personal, and eMobile.
  • The Personal subscription provides several Microsoft Office apps including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word Live.
  • The eMobile application includes four apps: Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and OneDrive.
  • The Home subscription provides Microsoft Office apps like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point.
  • The most recent versions of these four apps are now included in the Home Premium range, which costs $5 per month.